Study Guide

About the MEGA Program

The Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments (MEGA) program:

About the Tests

The MEGA were developed in alignment with Missouri regulations and content standards for teachers. The Missouri program is composed of the following tests:

The ongoing development of the MEGA program has involved the active participation of Missouri educators. By participating on content advisory committees and a bias review committee, they have helped validate MEGA test competencies and test items. Missouri educators also responded to content validation surveys to further assess the relevance of MEGA test content to the job of a Missouri educator.

The MEGA tests are administered at computer-based testing centers, located throughout Missouri and nationwide. The MEP is not administered at a test center; rather, candidates register for the profile and then complete it at their convenience from any computer with an Internet connection. Candidates may complete the profile at home, or in a quiet setting, such as a library.

The Test Development Process

Creating the MEGA program is a complex, ongoing process. The major steps in the process are outlined below.

Task Description
Develop the Test Framework The content of each MEGA test is documented in the test framework. The test framework consists of domains that include a set of competencies, along with a set of descriptive statements that further elaborate the content of each test competency. During preparation of the test competencies, key state and national documents were consulted. Committees of Missouri educators reviewed the test competencies to ensure that the test competencies are accurate, free of bias, job related, and important for the job of an entry-level educator in Missouri.
Validate Test Content (content and pedagogy tests) For the content and pedagogy tests, a content validation survey was conducted using sampled practicing Missouri educators and educator preparation program faculty to ensure that the test competencies reflect the knowledge and skills considered to be important for performing the job of an educator in Missouri.
Develop Test Items Next, test items were developed to assess the content defined by the test competencies. Committees of Missouri educators were convened to review and approve the test items.
Set Qualifying Scores A committee of Missouri educators convenes to make recommendations to DESE that will be used to establish the qualifying score for each MEGA test. The final qualifying scores are determined by the State Board of Education.