Study Guide

General Education Assessment
Test Design and Framework

The test design below describes general assessment information. The framework that follows is a detailed outline that explains the knowledge and skills that this test measures.

Test Design

Format Internet-based test (IBT) and online-proctored test
Number of Questions 120 multiple-choice questions and 1 constructed-response assignment
Time* 4 hours
Passing Score The passing score is set by Missouri educator preparation programs.

*Does not include 15-minute tutorial or optional 15-minute break for the online-proctored test

Test Framework


graph of percentages of each content domain's weight toward overall test score detailed in table below

Content Domain Range of Competencies Approximate Percentage of Test Score
I. Communications 0001–0003 26%
II. Mathematical Sciences 0004–0005 18%
III. Natural Sciences 0006–0007 18%
IV. Social and Behavioral Sciences 0008–0009 16%
V. Humanities and Fine Arts 0010 7%
VI. Unified, Coherent, and Effective Writing 0011 15%

Domain I—Communications

Competency 0001–Demonstrate literal and inferential understanding, and apply critical reasoning skills, to the analysis and interpretation of informational and literary texts.

For example:

Competency 0002–Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of effective written expression and the ability to produce proficient writing.

For example:

Competency 0003–Demonstrate understanding of oral communications and the ability to engage in effective speaking and listening.

For example:

Domain II—Mathematical Sciences

Competency 0004–Understand fundamental mathematical concepts and their applications to society.

For example:

Competency 0005–Demonstrate quantitative literacy and apply quantitative methods to make decisions and solve problems.

For example:

Domain III—Natural Sciences

Competency 0006–Understand fundamental concepts of the natural sciences.

For example:

Competency 0007–Understand scientific processes.

For example:

Domain IV—Social and Behavioral Sciences

Competency 0008–Understand social institutions and human behavior.

For example:

Competency 0009–Understand historical settings, processes, and contexts.

For example:

Domain V—Humanities and Fine Arts

Competency 0010–Understand literature, the arts, and philosophy.

For example:

Domain VI—Unified, Coherent, and Effective Writing

0011–Demonstrate the ability to prepare a well-organized, developed, and focused composition for a given purpose and audience.

For example: