Study Guide

Building-Level Administrator
Test Design and Framework

The test design below describes general assessment information. The framework that follows is a detailed outline that explains the knowledge and skills that this test measures.

Test Design

Format Computer-based test (CBT)
Number of Questions 100 multiple-choice questions
Time* 3 hours and 15 minutes
Passing Score 220

*Does not include 15-minute CBT tutorial

Test Framework


graph of percentages of each content domain's weight toward overall test score detailed in table below

Content Domain Range of Competencies Approximate Percentage of Test Score
I. Visionary Leadership 0001 10%
II. Instructional Leadership 0002–0004 30%
III. Managerial Leadership 0005–0007 30%
IV. Relational Leadership 0008–0009 20%
V. Innovative Leadership 0010 10%

Domain I–Visionary Leadership

Competency 0001–Understand how to develop and implement a vision for the school to guide the learning of all students and promote continuous school improvement.

For example:

Domain II–Instructional Leadership

Competency 0002–Understand how to ensure a guaranteed and viable curriculum, recognize effective instructional practice, and coordinate the use of effective assessments.

For example:

Competency 0003–Understand how to promote ongoing professional learning for school faculty and staff.

For example:

Competency 0004–Understand how to create and sustain a positive school culture and equitable learning environment that promote success for all students, including legal requirements related to school administration.

For example:

Domain III–Managerial Leadership

Competency 0005–Understand how to implement operational systems, including policies and procedures for ensuring a safe, functional school environment.

For example:

Competency 0006–Understand how to oversee personnel, including strategies for supervising, observing, and coaching teachers.

For example:

Competency 0007–Understand how to ensure equitable and strategic use of fiscal and non-fiscal school resources.

For example:

Domain IV–Relational Leadership

Competency 0008–Understand how to interact professionally and develop positive, supportive relationships with students and school staff.

For example:

Competency 0009–Understand how to interact professionally and build positive relationships with parents/guardians and other stakeholders in the community.

For example:

Domain V–Innovative Leadership

Competency 0010–Understand how to continue personal professional growth, actively engage in reflective practice, and apply new knowledge and understanding to drive appropriate change.

For example: