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Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments


What tests do I need to take? Testing requirements are dependent on certification type. Read more about which tests are required for teacher certification in Missouri.

Information about each test. Get specific information about a test, including when and where you can take the test, and access preparation materials by selecting the test from the following tables.




Educator Profile
Missouri Educator Profile (MEP)


Test CodeGeneral Education Assessment
066–069Missouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA)
Examinees must pass all of the following subtests:
  • 066 Reading Comprehension and Interpretation
  • 067 Writing
  • 068 Mathematics
  • 069 Science and Social Studies

Missouri Content Assessments

Test CodeEarly Childhood Education & Elementary Education
064Early Childhood Education
007–010Elementary Education Multi-Content
Examinees must pass all of the following subtests:
  • 007 Elementary Education: English Language Arts Subtest
  • 008 Elementary Education: Mathematics Subtest
  • 009 Elementary Education: Science Subtest
  • 010 Elementary Education: Social Studies Subtest
065Elementary Mathematics Specialist
Test CodeMiddle School Education
011Middle School Education: Language Arts
012Middle School Education: Mathematics
013Middle School Education: Science
014Middle School Education: Social Science
Test CodeSecondary Education
019Earth Science
021General Science
025–030Social Science Multi-Content
Examinees must pass all of the following subtests:
  • 025 Social Science: United States History Subtest
  • 026 Social Science: World History Subtest
  • 027 Social Science: Economics Subtest
  • 028 Social Science: Geography Subtest
  • 029 Social Science: Political Science Subtest
  • 030 Social Science: Behavioral Sciences Subtest
031Speech & Theater
046Technology & Engineering
032Unified Science: Biology
033Unified Science: Chemistry
034Unified Science: Earth Science
035Unified Science: Physics
Test CodeK–12 Education
038Family & Consumer Sciences
042Library Media Specialist
043Music: Instrumental & Vocal
044Physical Education
037World Languages: Chinese—Mandarin
039World Languages: French
040World Languages: German
045World Languages: Spanish
Test CodeSpecial Education
047Blind & Low Vision
048Deaf & Hard of Hearing
049Early Childhood Special Education
050Mild/Moderate Cross Categorical Special Education
051Severely Developmentally Disabled
052–055Mild/Moderate Middle/Secondary Multi-Content
Examinees must pass all of the following subtests:
  • 052 Mild/Moderate Middle/Secondary: English Language Arts Subtest
  • 053 Mild/Moderate Middle/Secondary: Mathematics Subtest
  • 054 Mild/Moderate Middle/Secondary: Science Subtest
  • 055 Mild/Moderate Middle/Secondary: Social Science Subtest
Test CodeStudent Services
057School Psychologist
Test CodeSchool & District Leadership
058Building-Level Administrator
Test CodeProfessional Knowledge
062Professional Knowledge: Middle School
063Professional Knowledge: Secondary