Understanding Your Test Results

For the Missouri Educator Profile, you will receive a Development Report immediately upon completing the profile. This report is designed to help you increase your self-awareness. The report begins with a snapshot of your results, and goes on to describe each work style domain in detail, characteristics of high and low scores, and development suggestions based on your results. The report also offers step-by-step guidance on how to develop your skills.

For all other assessments, your performance is evaluated against an established standard. The minimum passing score for each test or subtest is approved by the State Board of Education and is based, in part, on the professional judgments and recommendations of Missouri educators.

The total test or subtest score is based on the number of raw score points earned on each section (multiple-choice section and, for some tests, constructed-response section); the proportion accounted for by each section, if applicable; and the scaling of that score. Raw scores are converted to a scale of 100 to 300. Your score report is provided to you with information about how to interpret your results.

For more information about scoring, including performance characteristics and score scales for constructed-response assignments, please refer to the appropriate study guide.

Score Report Explanations

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